Sunday, April 1, 2012

Death of a Legend

Goal: 24901.55 miles
Completed: 845.04

I am currently training for the Seattle Rock N' Roll Marathon on June 23rd. This Weeks mileage comes to 26.23 miles. This week was a step back week for me as far as training goes. The weather was nice all week for my runs (I don't like running in the rain). Knowing that I'm not a fan of running in the rain makes me wonder why I would sign up for the Seattle Marathon. Oh Yeah!!! The Bands!!! I could have signed up for the DC R&R Marathon but I'm almost positive that the bands wont hold a candle to the bands at the Seattle R&R.

Not to end on a sad note but, Micah True AKA Caballo Blanco was found dead on the trails. He was a superstar of ultra running and was made famous in the running community by Christopher McDougalls book Born To Run (excellent book by the way).

Images from today's 9 mile run around Burke Lake (twice)

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