Monday, May 7, 2012

Put me down for 1000

Goal: 24,901.55 miles
Completed: 1,013.83 miles

53 miles down this week and hit the 1000 mile benchmark. I decided to run a new course this past week. The Appalachian Trail. This proved to be a daunting task as I only completed a 4 mile run on the trail. But in those 4 miles there was 1200 ft of elevation gain and I burned close to 1000 calories. This was probably the most difficult trail I have ever been on, it is definitely more suited for hiking over running, but I ran the sections I was able to run and tried my best to go as fast as possible on the other parts. Much props to those who are mountainous runners. This will now be my Friday trail until it is conquered.

Veni, Vidi, Vici
(I came, I saw, I conquered)
-Julius Caesar

The Appalachian Trail

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Run To Work?

Goal: 24901.55 miles
Completed: 991.92

35 miles last week. This was a step back week. Many more miles ahead, but I'm not looking at how far I have left to go. I'm looking at what it is I have accomplished so far. Only about a month and a half until the Seattle Rock N Roll Marathon! This should be a fun race. I've started to jump into the higher mileages now. I ran to work on Monday, worked 8 hours and then ran home, for a total distance of 26 miles. I plan on doing this at least once a week until I am used to it and then i will probably add another day of running to work during the week.

Friday, April 27, 2012

18 Miles on the Accotink Trial

Today I did 19 miles on the trail. There were lots of older people on the trail this afternoon. One particular person stands out in my mind. This gentleman was were a wide brimmed hat and walking with a cane. He was saying something as i ran past at a moderate pace. I had my head phones in so I really cant be sure what he was saying, but I thought (in my mind) he was saying "Have a Great Run". He could have been saying "watch out for the Great Fairfax Grizzly", or "Help, my pace make stopped". Neither of which seems to been acurate, as he was still walking fine when I looked back and I did not run into any bears. So I'm just going to go with the former of him wishing me well on  my journey.

It turned out to be a great run! It was a bit colder than what I liked. Too cold for summer gear and to warm for cold weather gear. "Suck it up and drive on", that was the motto for today.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Post Race

Goal: 24901.55 miles
Completed: 938.12

So I finished the Dorchester Y Half Marathon. Very Flat. Very Fast. To me it was an enjoyable run. I paced Angeline so she could get a new P.R. 2:00:38 was my time. This was the only running I did for that week so
I didnt even post for that week. How ever the following week I did 41 miles. Slowly but surely the mileage creeps up. I also registered for the Dahlgren Rail Trail 50k for August 4th.

Upcoming Races:
    June 23rd - Seattle Rock N' Roll Marathon
    August 4th - Dahlgren Rail Trail 50k

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Week 7 of Seattle R&R Training

Goal: 24901.55 miles
Completed: 869.97

Completely bonked on the long run this week. I did not carb load after Saturdays faster pace run, and then did not carb load later that evening before bed. Gearing up for the Dorchecter 1/2 next weekend. It should be a nice fast course since its on the coastal flats. After that race its back to the daily grind pounding pavement.

I originally had a goal of under a 4 hour marathon for the Seattle R&R, but i think im going to just have to use that as a training run for the Dahlgren Heritage Rail Trail 50k in August.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Death of a Legend

Goal: 24901.55 miles
Completed: 845.04

I am currently training for the Seattle Rock N' Roll Marathon on June 23rd. This Weeks mileage comes to 26.23 miles. This week was a step back week for me as far as training goes. The weather was nice all week for my runs (I don't like running in the rain). Knowing that I'm not a fan of running in the rain makes me wonder why I would sign up for the Seattle Marathon. Oh Yeah!!! The Bands!!! I could have signed up for the DC R&R Marathon but I'm almost positive that the bands wont hold a candle to the bands at the Seattle R&R.

Not to end on a sad note but, Micah True AKA Caballo Blanco was found dead on the trails. He was a superstar of ultra running and was made famous in the running community by Christopher McDougalls book Born To Run (excellent book by the way).

Images from today's 9 mile run around Burke Lake (twice)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

My attempt at running the distance around the earth.
 24901.55 Miles.
As of today 3/25/12, I currently have:
824.94 Miles Completed

Today's run was an easy out and back run starting on the W&OD (Washington and Old Dominion) Trail for the first three miles and then jumped onto the CCT (Cross County Trail) for six miles and then back onto the W&OD for the last three.

It had rained earlier that morning so a normal person would have stayed on the nice paved trail of the W&OD, but not me. After running three miles on a paved surface I found myself longing to hit a real trail, one made of dirt. As I approached the CCT junction my curiosity had been piqued, as I had yet to run on this particular portion of the trail. Without hesitation, as though I had planned this prior to my run, I darted off the W&OD and on to the CCT. I knew my pace would drop as soon as I got onto the dirt trail. This was actually a good thing. Not everything should be done at such a quick pace. Sometimes its nice to stop and smell the roses. Without actually stopping, I proceeded up the north side of the trail heading for Great Falls Park. I wasn't actually going to get to Great Falls today, although I'm sure it would have been a great sight as the forest floor is beaming with bright green newly sprouted grass, and at some points along the way a sea of yellow dandelions. There were several water crossing. This could have presented a problem because the water level had risen due to the rain we had previously received earlier that morning, however there were bridges made of rocks that sat just above the water line.

Even though the ground was muddy and it was slightly chilly outside, it turned out to be a nice day for a run. Discovering new places you never knew existed within your own back yard. Today was a good day.